Koresan Ambalaj is a paper cup manufacturing company of us. We produce paper cups and its raw material that paper cup fan or in roll paper. Our factory is located in Gaziantep which is one of the largest industrial city in Turkey. The factory land is 9000m2 with 2000m2 production building. 

Since 2011, our company imports health products from South Korea. Our main product is Ginseng Tablets and Ginseng Roots which is the most high quality products in Turkish market. We have distribution of KGNF and NongHyup Ginseng brands of Korea. You can find our products in shopping malls and pharmacies. www.ginsengtablet.com

The oldest paper cup mahine producer of Korea is Jinwoo Machine and Koresan also has their distribution in Turkey. We also have Chinese machines too with same technolgy as Korean machine. We give warranty to all our customers by serving our high educated engineers. 7 days 24 hour servicing on machine area for making not stop your production line.

Since 2011, Korean serves their customers to import any kind of product from South Korea. This is how our company name become Koresan because we used to import everything from South Korea until 2017. However , Koresan still serves as a importer consultant company not only Korea also China too.