As a Koresan Ambalaj, we produce paper cup products under of Natural Paper Cups brand. Koresan produce 4oz, 6oz, 6.5oz, 7oz and 14oz for soup cups. Our raw material inventory has 160gsm to 250gsm which helps you to get any quality of cups.


160gr, 165gr, 170gr, 177gr,180gr and190gr Paper + Polyethylene options. We are a mainly importer company from U.S, Korea, Japan, China and Finland paper. However we also sell local paper producer`s raw material to all world. Korean has strong relationship with all raw material companies around the world that is why we can give you the best price and quality for your production line. In addition we both supply Paper cup fan and Paper in roll.

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We have installed more than 400 machines since 2017. Especially, most of the machines in Turkey imported by Koresan Co. Ltd. We import not only a machine. We buy all factory from Korea which gives us opportunity to buy in really cheap price. Then we share all factory to couple customers. We also have Korean and Chinese machine maker`s distribution in Turkey. Our strong service and education for your employees helps easly to start manufacturing process to our customers.

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Paper Cup Machines and Some of Our Works

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