Raw Materials from Turkey, Japan, China and Finland

Koresan Co. Ltd. provides paper in roll and paper cup fan for many manufactures in East of Turkey and Middle East Countries. We are a mostly importer company so we import paper cup raw materials in roll from Japan, China and Finland. However we also sell local paper producer`s paper too. Our company has 3 colors Korean printing punching machine for paper cup fan supplying. We also use completly Korean technology in our facility. We can supply 4oz, 6oz, 6.5oz, 6.8oz and 7oz paper cup fan for you. If these sizes are not match to you then we use die cutting system in outsource then we can also supply any size for you.  Our molds are designed to be more efficient so all of our sizes designed carefully to get more products from per ton paper in roll. Before your order, we inform you about how many paper cup fans you can get from per ton.


Paper Cup Fan Order Details

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