Paper Cup Machine KR80 - 80 Pcs/Min


for transmission, this paper cup former makes use of high quality cams and gearwheels, instead of chains and gearboxes.

one outstanding of this forming machine lies in an automatic lubrication system. It provides a guarantee that all machine parts work at optimum efficiency for a long time.

the advanced heating technique contributes zero leakage of drink cups produced by this machine.

in comprasion to cup makers from other companies, this paper cup forming machine is designed with an automatic curling system. It ensures a simply easy operation.

ultrasonic is applied to seal single or double pe coated paper cups.

the medium speed paper converting maker is quipped with a vacuum generator, which compared to cylinder provides much more stable air. Not only that , the generator also saves plenty of space for the machine.

The installed stretchable knife highly reduces the cutting time and cup bottom waste.

Model KR80
Production Speed 80 pcs/min
Paper Cup Size 2-12 oz(50ml-350ml)
Raw Material 140-350gr Single or Double pe
Air Consume Basınç: 0.4Mpa, input: 0.6m3 / min
Power 7KW
Net Weight 3000Kg
Machine Sizes 2650mm×1300mm×1800mm
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