This single PE coated paper cup forming machine is ultra-easy to clean and maintain due to a detachable enclosure.

As for cup forming, a retractable knife is used for uniform bottom wrinkles, good sealing and low leakage.

In order for good quality, all molds are produced by modern CNC processing machines.

The patented bottom rolling device provides 5 times embossing force of traditional rolling device. This device provides clear and uniform pattern and low leakage

The alarming system adopts multi-position inspection and automatically gives an alarm when it tests cup bottom shortage or accumulation during the manufacture.

A robot arm is installed for picking up dropped cups

Three strong shafts and two high quality springs are used to achieve a stable operation.

Modern cam and chain type, durable and stable

Model KRC70
Production Capacity 70 pcs/min max.
Available Sizes 2-9 oz
Raw Material 150-260gr pe
Electricity 220V50Hz1phase/380V50Hz3phase
Power 4-5KW
Net Weight 1400Kg
Machine Size 2200mm×1000mm×1500mm

KRC70 Model Karton Bardak Makinası, farklı yapıştırma yöntemleri ile sipariş verilebilmektedir. Dilerseniz fiyat farkı olmadan yan yapıştırmayı ultrasonik özellikli sipariş edebilirsiniz. Ultrasonik yapıştırma ile yüksek gramajlı kağıtlarınızı rahatlıkla yapıştırabilirsiniz. Ayrıca ultrasonik özelliği sayesinde KRC70 model Karton Bardak Makinamız 2oz ile 9oz arası ölçülerde üretim yapabilmektedir.

This type paper cup machine advantages:High Performance, High Efficiency , High Quality

High production speed, making cup speed can be 100-120pcs/min, stable operation at 110pcs/min, cost-effective than similar products.

Knowhow and Installation

Koresan Machine also has its own production line factory in Gaziantep. All of our customers can get education that how to produce paper cups and how to fix any problem of machiene. We recommend you to take education at least 3 days in our factory.

Customer Services

Our engineer and Customer Services service you 7/24. In any case of problem our employees can speak Arabic, Turkish, English and Korean languages. In short time, we can send you any spare parts. You can also get service about raw materials too.

Global Support

Koresan is also a paper company. We import paper from Japan, South Korea, China , USA and Finland. We also support local Turkish pe coated paper to you. We get our power by servicing the best price best quality raw materials.